The Importance of Senior Nutrition

Dec 1, 2023 | Health & Wellness

Good nutrition is the foundation for good health.

A combination of proper nutrients and exercise can help prevent a variety of chronic diseases. Throughout the aging process, bone and muscle mass is lost as metabolisms change. Due to the unique nutritional needs of seniors, taking the proper measures to provide wholesome, healthy foods is key to avoiding malnutrition and disease.


Though seniors often have lower calorie requirements, they may need more nutrients than younger people. As we age, our ability to absorb nutrients from our food becomes less efficient. Creating a plan with a health professional, such as a dietician, can help seniors age with optimal nourishment.

    1. Nutrient-Dense Meals and Snacks

Understanding the key nutrients for seniors, such as lean protein, fiber, calcium, potassium, and vitamin D can result in healthier plates. Whole grains and dairy products both provide a boost to a senior’s daily nutrition goal. Hearty soups are popular, as they are easily chewed and can provide vegetables, protein, and grains in a single bowl.

    1. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

Some seniors begin to lose the sensation of thirst, which may lead to dehydration and difficulty digesting meals. Sugary drinks, such as soda and fruit juice with added sweeteners should be enjoyed in moderation. Low-fat milk helps to hydrate and also provides key nutrients, such as protein, potassium, and calcium.

    1. Calorie Intake

Seniors who find themselves struggling to consume enough calories each day should consider switching to full-fat milk and adding healthy fats and oils to boost calories. Nut butter and avocados are ideal and spread easily on toast or as a standalone snack.

    1. Dietary Supplements When Needed

Depending on the senior’s health, supplements may be recommended. One example is many seniors are prone to calcium and Vitamin D deficiency, which affects bone health. Supplements may help with deficiencies and can in the form of a daily meal-replacement shake or chewable vitamins and minerals.

    1. Focus On Variety

Health experts encourage people of all ages to “eat the rainbow.” By filling a plate with diverse, colorful options, appetites increase and mealtime becomes more stimulating. Encourage variety to avoid the boredom associated with repetition.


At Oak Park Village at Slidell, we believe in providing practical tips to help ensure that our senior residents obtain proper nutrition. If unintentional weight loss has occurred, it’s important to visit a doctor to ensure there are no underlying medical causes. A doctor can provide a referral to a dietician, who is best equipped to build a personalized plan to promote a nourishing eating regimen tailored specifically for our residents.

We understand that seniors who have recently experienced the loss of a spouse or a close friend are prone to loneliness, which can escalate to a depressive state. This makes it difficult for our seniors to cook or feed themselves, even if they’re otherwise independent. That’s why, atOak Park Village at Slidell, we encourage all families to check on their loved ones. You can support them by providing healthy meals or accompanying them out to eat to encourage conversation and enjoy a hearty plate together.

Within our senior living community, we provide nutritious meals each day, and there is a strong sense of social belonging built around eating together. We take great care to ensure that each resident is meeting their personal nutrition goals. Our dedicated team works closely with licensed nutritionists to create a menu of wholesome, healthy, and delicious meals that cater to the unique needs of our seniors.




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I live at Oak Park Village and I find the atmosphere is awesome with activities going on for everyone. There is NEVER a dull moment with activities planned for a group and / or for an individual. Always has assistants on duty round the Clock for whatever an individual or a group might require; from meals, games, salon needs, nurses, religious, and socials to name a few. From the moment of check in to the facility to the rest of your stay each individual is treated like a king / queen. Animals are allowed with the proper paperwork with a Fee. Couples are encouraged and a family like atmosphere is of top priority.
I've lived here for nearly 3 years and can honestly say I've been very happy to ...
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I've lived here for nearly 3 years and can honestly say I've been very happy to be here!! The staff is amazing and always willing to help in any number of ways. Their attitude is always cheerful and helpful. The managers are also amazing and not only do their jobs but also pitch in wherever help is needed. Thank you to everyone working here for giving me such a pleasant home!!!
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Oak Park Village at Slidell has to be the go to senior living community in Louisiana! The community provides you with a home like feel that other communities don't provide! The rooms are spacious and even have a full kitchenette! The staff at Oak Park is amazing and is always accommodating to anything the resident or family might need at any given time. I HIGHLY recommend Oak Park Village at Slidell to anyone looking for senior living for themselves or a loved one!

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